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The following procedures will apply at the PCC.

Booking procedure
Air Ghana operates RedBerry freight processing system, “world express”, used in over ten countries worldwide and operated by British airways and TNT amongst others. (Awarded the ACW “it for the air cargo industry award” 2010 and 2009)
The system, which commences with the generation of an air waybill, can be made readily accessible to all airlines operating at KIA enabling them to book their perishable cargo shipments directly with the PCC centre. This tool will enable the PCC management to monitor and plan for each day’s hourly workload demands and recommend delivery schedules with the individual shipper.

Export delivery procedure
The operations duty management are required to agree delivery time windows with each shipper. Late arriving shipments being processed at a late acceptance bay operating in accordance with individual airlines instructed cargo acceptance cut-off times.

Security & acceptance procedures
In accordance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) annex 6, Republic of Ghana, National Civil Aviation Security Programme and growing international requirements not least of which is that of the USA’s TSA regulations which require all air cargoes to be x-rayed before shipment. Similarly individual airlines including all those represented by Air Ghana Ltd., mandate that all cargoes be x-rayed. AGPC has installed the very latest Smiths Heimann dual view x-ray scanner to ensure that all PCC cargo handled is fully compliant with current and future directives and regulations.

Quality standards monitoring
All goods will be monitored to ensure safe and secure packaging materials are used and goods are not susceptible to collapse or damage during normal handling. Quality standards monitoring embodies all aspects of the handling process including correct pallet and container build-up, transportation driving standards and delivery to the aircraft side.

The cold room
Surveys of potential customer requirements indicate that pre-prepared and shop-shelf packaged goods will place the highest demand on the main cold room, a facility offering 12 pallet positions whilst leaving the exit access way clear for loading to waiting pallet dollies. 

The store room
This will accommodate the storage of goods prepared waiting for direct transfer to aircraft. This room offers 20 pallet storage positions and an exit access way. It will be necessary to keep this access way cleared to allow the speedy dispatch of non-cold store shipments. 

Pallet & container building
Air Ghana complies with ISAGO (IATA safety audit for ground operations) and all PCC personnel are trained to meet the exacting standard required in the aviation industry.