Compliance & Ethics Code

Air Ghana Limited (“THE ORGANIZATION”) in consultation with its compliance & Legal Team and

approved by the Board of Directors maintain a strict compliance & Ethics Code.

The organization operates a zero tolerance policy of bribery and corruption.

The guidance in this document is intended to create a robust and consistent anti-corruption programme

intended to provide a comprehensive view of what constitutes adequate procedures for compliance

with relevant law and practice including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery


We recognise the need to guard and promote our reputation for integrity and responsibility and to

mitigate the threat of corruption. Our directors, managers, employees, agents need to know how best

to manage and implement anti-corruption legislation and how to act when faced with some difficult

dilemmas. Likewise our contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders should also be aware of our zero-
tolerance policy to ensure that business is conducted at all times in a transparent and ethical manner.

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